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Can't get dictate to setup microphone

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  1. dihillmann

    This may be a more generalized problem, because I've had trouble before getting my mac to recognize microphones. However, in this case I've followed the setup instructions, and no sound seems to be apparent to the application. I've gone into the system prefs and verified that it is set to recognize the C-Media USB Audio Device, I've plugged in the microphone correctly, but still no dice. Even in system prefs it only seems to register that there is audio input when I use the internal microphone.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. billyjp

    What does "no dice" mean, exactly? i.e. What happens in Dragon Dictate when you try to create a profile?

    Even though you say you've checked it, double check the *Input* setting in the System Prefs. Make sure the mic is plugged all the way into the USB adapter.

    Try a different USB port. Sometimes there may be a difference between them, or if you're using a USB Hub.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  3. Gypsy


    I had this problem as well. Once I had all the microphone settings correct in system preferences, Dictate still did not recognize the microphone.

    THEN I realized that when I launched the program, and my profile window opened, Dictate had the wrong microphone selected (mine was listed as "Line In"). I had to:

    1) Click the "+" tab under "Audio Sources"
    2) Select the correct microphone from the drop down menu (in my case this was "C-Media USB Audio Device")
    3) Type in the name of my profile and click "Continue"

    The new Audio Source was added to the list, and when selected Dictate recognized the microphone.

    Hope that helps!

    Posted 5 years ago #

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