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Microphones - Setup and Recommendations

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  1. The Dragon Express is a "lite" version of Dragon Dictate. As an introduction to speech recognition, Dragon Express is designed for simplicity. Novice and experienced speech recognition users will find Dragon Express easy to configure and operate.

    Specifically designed for Mac OS X Lion, Dragon Express is intended for users who desire to increase their productivity by "talking", rather than typing.

    Note: For those requiring advanced options and hands-free usage, we recommend Dragon Dictate.

    Microphone Recommendations/Suggestions:

    Internal/built-in microphones have been tested for speech recognition with Dragon Express. For optimal speech recognition accuracy, a high quality audio capture device is recommended. Nuance recommends using a USB microphone with Dragon Express.
    For headset microphones, position the microphone about a thumb's width from the corner of your mouth.
    For handheld microphones, position the microphone an inch or two from you mouth. Speak directly in to the microphone. Do not turn your head away from the microphone when dictating.
    Dragon Express is not designed to work with the Dragon iPhone Microphone application nor the Dragon iPhone Recorder application.
    Only a single user profile can be created with Dragon Express. To create multiple user profiles, for different speakers, we recommend upgrading to Dragon Dictate.
    Dragon Express and Dragon Dictate 2 are not designed to transcribe recorded audio files.
    Bluetooth Microphones Recommendations/Suggestions:

    Bluetooth microphones paired directly to the Mac computer are not supported configurations. Due to the wide variety of Bluetooth headsets and the use of those headsets with Apple's Bluetooth stack, Nuance cannot guarantee the speech recognition accuracy.
    If Bluetooth is desired, Nuance recommends selecting a certified Bluetooth microphone:
    The Calisto microphone that is provided with the Dragon Dictate Wireless is an example of a recommended Bluetooth microphone. This device includes a USB dongle that attaches to the computer, facilitating the audio transfer via Bluetooth.
    Nuance-approved Microphones for the Mac.
    Steps to create a Dragon Express User Profile:

    Launch Dragon Express.
    At the initial launch after installation, the Profile creation process begins.
    Choose a Microphone.
    Choose the audio input device you would like to use.
    Click Setup.
    Choose the appropriate writing style: US or UK spelling of words.
    Choose the appropriate speaking style: Choose the accent. Choices will vary depending upon selected writing style.
    Dragon Express saves the choice.
    Microphone Setup:
    Read aloud the text so that Dragon Express can calibrate the input level of the microphone.
    Voice Training:
    Read the text aloud. As the text is recognized it will turn to green. If the text turns red, stop and begin reading the text again. Repeat if necessary. If you are unable to turn a word from red to green, click "Skip Word".
    Initial Options:
    Select to have Dragon Express automatically launch at login.
    Select the default search engine (Google, Yahoo! or Bing) for web searches.
    Known Issues:

    User Profile Creation:
    There is an intermittent conflict during the Dragon Express training process. After completing the first part of the story; initial training will start and then very occasionally, the microphone will be left in an "off" state.
    When this happens, press the "skip word" button, which will reactivate the microphone and training will continue as normal.
    Adding an additional microphone source:
    There is an intermittent conflict after starting the process to add an additional microphone, but then canceling the microphone adapting process. If the adapting process is canceled and you attempt you switch back to the original microphone, the adapting window for the additional microphone will remain on the screen.
    When this situation occurs, simply closing Dragon Express will clear it up. When Dragon Express is reopened, select Dictate from the Dragon Express menu and trash the partially-trained profile.

    Original Article:

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. timb

    How do you delete a microphone to re-calibrate it under different room conditions?

    Posted 4 years ago #
  3. timb

    OK: So, answering my own question:

    Quit Dragon Express, then delete the Dragon Express folders from ~/Library/Containers.

    Next time you restart Dragon Express, it will retrain on your microphone.

    I just retrained my microphone in a quieter room, and the application is performing many times better! Finally it can actually understand what I'm saying: so what you're reading here I dictated into a Samson Meteor microphone. Much much happier!

    Posted 4 years ago #

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